Defining Brand Relevance

In an era of expanding customer expectations and constant competitive change, brands must continually find new ways to engage and delight people in order to win. Those that do are what we call relentlessly relevant, always seeking deeper and steadier connections to their customers.

Relentlessly relevant brands engage, surprise and connect. They delight, disrupt and deliver. They are restless. They push themselves to earn and re-earn customers’ loyalty – and they define and redefine what’s possible in their categories and in our world.

Those companies that have built relentlessly relevant brands generally have four common characteristics:

Customer Obsessed


Brands We Can't Imagine Living Without

Everything these brands invest in, create and bring to market is designed to meet important needs in peoples' lives.

    Ruthlessly Pragmatic


    Brands We Depend On

    These brands make sure their products are available where and when customers need them, deliver consistent experiences, and simply make life easier for their customers.

      Distinctively Inspired


      Brands That Inspire Us

      These brands make emotional connections, earn trust and often exist to fulfill a larger purpose.

        Pervasively Innovative


        Brands That Consistently Innovate

        These brands don’t rest on their laurels. Even as industry leaders – they push the status quo, engage with customers in new and creative ways, and find new ways to address unmet needs.