Brand Relevance Index

At Prophet, we believe that the strongest brands are the ones that are relentlessly relevant and making a difference in consumers' lives. We surveyed nearly 10,000 customers on 400+ brands across 27 industries to develop the first customer-based brand relevance ranking index.

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The Index

The Top 10 Brands

Brand Spotlight

Spotify is finding new, unexpected and surprising ways to help us discover and explore music.


Among the leaders, we found five unifying characteristics.

The most relevant brands:

  • Discover

  • Execute

  • Engage

  • Differentiate

  • Delight

  • Discover breakthrough customer insights and use them to unlock tremendous growth

  • Execute flawlessly to deliver on functional needs, earning trust and building durable bonds over time

  • Engage us in creative ways, integrating our interactions to create a remarkable customer experience

  • Become a "category of one” for both everyday occasions and the moments that matter mos

  • Unapologetically and consistently deliver joy and delight!


Want to know how we did it?

Over 400 Brands Rated
Nearly 10,000 Customers Surveyed
Across 27 Industries