How to Build a Relentlessly Relevant Brand

When we looked at the highest performers, we observed that they have five ways of how they are continually reinventing themselves.



Discovering breakthrough customer insights and using them to unlock tremendous growth

The top brands have the commitment to stay ahead of customer needs and market trends — and they have the discipline to execute on the insights they develop. These insights form the foundation for ideas that become game-changing innovations.

Uncovering the insight that girls and boys have different play styles, and creating the LEGO® Friends line for girls to grow the next generation of “Builders.”

Addressing the pain point of waiting in long lines by offering a way to order ahead — and still keep the authentic Third Place interaction alive.



Executing flawlessly to deliver on functional needs, earning trust and building durable bonds over time

The top brands know that the price of entry with customers is to nail the functional benefits and have the best “stuff.” They also know that loyalty comes from more emotional bonds, so they go well beyond the product to inspire consumers to feel better, do more, and make a difference.

Consistently setting the bar for devices we use both at work and at home, and creating a total ecosystem that empowers users to be more efficient, creative, and connected.

Developing the scents and fragrances that an entire generation of new customers want, and establishing a camaraderie with them by being just the right amount of cool in advertising and packaging.



Engaging us in creative ways, integrating our interactions to create a remarkable customer experience

The top brands constantly engage their customers in new and creative ways that build upon and enhance the experience of the brand. These innovations surprise and delight, while elevating the overall experience and making customers even more loyal.

Analyzing shoppers’ unique running styles in store, developing an assessment, and recommending the perfect shoe.

Developing the Cartwheel App to make coupon cutting fun and tailored to the products that are relevant to you, while maintaining the fun of the hunt.



Acting as a "category of one" for both everyday occasions and the moments that matter most

The top brands have become completely synonymous with the everyday and special moments in our lives by delighting us, healing us, surprising us, and entertaining us. These brands have made themselves so indispensable that consumers often can’t imagine living without them.

Becoming a go-to resource for everyday household goods—small or large—for families across the country, shifting the way we shop as a nation.

Transforming workouts by creating a custom, dynamic, running playlist that syncs with listeners’ pace, resetting our expectations for a seamless and motivational exercise experience.



Unapologetically and consistently delivering joy and delight.

The top brands embrace a fundamental human truth — people seek happiness. These brands simply bring joy to peoples” lives.

Crafting joyful tales built on Fundamental Human Truths that make us experience the entire range of emotion, make us laugh, and connect us to one another even more deeply as people.

Bringing consumers joy through handmade one-of-a-kind products and connecting niche crafting communities.